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Because damage or defects at your terminal are always inconvenient, we provide a 24/7 breakdown service.

In urgent cases, we ensure that an experienced technician with a fully equipped service vehicle is on site within 4 hours to carry out a repair.



In case of damage, we make a careful diagnosis to determine the cause of the damage. We then repair the damaged parts with original parts according to the instructions of the manufacturer  so that they can be put back into service as good as new.



A complete overhaul of existing vehicles is often essential after a few tens of thousands of operating hours  or after working for a long time in a heavily polluting and corrosive environment. Replacing old, worn-out components, installing new control programs, improving problem situations, etc. The entire package is discussed with us in collaboration with the customer.



Machines that are used almost daily to perform heavy work are very maintenance-sensitive. Timely maintenance can minimize major damage, and therefore also sky-high costs  in many cases. Careful inspection of wear parts and replacement of oils, gaskets and other materials that are sensitive to wear are therefore a must. We also work with original parts or with equivalent spare parts of at least the same high quality.

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